Just about every home improvement service, consultancy have an expert that you can go to. For your tiles you would approach a place such as CTM Tiles. for  bathroom Bathroom Bizarre. or a qualified plumber. plumber-35611__180 For  your woodworking Timber City. When approaching Window and door consultancy services , the expertise seems to lack.

Question your window and door  Guru or Ninja should ask you.

  1. Do you need your doors and windows in Wood , aluminum or steel .Top hung window 2400x1800 with 4 vents bronze
  2. Do he give you advise which material should best suit your lifestyle and environment ?
  3. Can he give you price options in all the different types of material ?
  4. What sort of doors and windows you need for every individual opening ?
  5. Can he tell you the difference between the different products ?
  6. Do he provide you with alternative and better solutions ?
  7. Have you got an Window and door schedule or can he  assist in helping you with one ?
  8. Which windows are going to be inside and which outside ?
  9. Can he supply you with  answer on why some windows and doors seem to be more pricey  or cheaper than other?
  10. What is the feature advantage of each  product solution being presented?
  11. Can he explain difference between normal glass , safety glass and energy efficient glass.
  12. Can he provide a one stop solution which include  a) removing old windows b) Preparing opening for new windows c) Fitting new  purpose made new windows d)Plastering  e) Removing Rubble f) Issue warranties or Guarantees g)Issue Glass compliance and safety certificate.
  13. Can he manufacture purpose made goods with 5-7 business days after order ?
  14. Has he got testimonials of previous work completed and good track record ?
  15. Do you find  the Window and  door Company and it’s  activities on the Web when doing  a  Google research?
Would you be able to easily find the company if they suddenly disappear with your money ? If all your questions and concerns cannot be  addressed please give us a call for free on site Quote. Window and door guy Stewart Murdoch 0824502448 WIndorpro (Pty) Ltd