Aluminium Sliding doors  elegant yet affordable.

White aluminium sliding door supply and fitted for lapa.

 Aluminium sliding doors supply and fitted for thatch.

Various designs of Sliding doors are available-

  1. Two Panel  Door
  2. Three Panel Door.

    Three panel Sliding Door

    Three Panel Sliding door

  3. Four Panel  Door.
  4. Six Panel  Door.
  5. Cavity Door.
  • Sliding Doors has two or more panels that slide past each other. One fixed panel and one static panel.
  • All doors are supplied with rubber stoppers at the outside end of all the sliding panels.
  • Windorpro supplies all doors glazed with approved safety glass. 
  • Options include  5mm toughened safety glass as well as 6.38 laminated glass.
  • Doors are universal which mean it can slide from left or left to right.
  •  Sliding Doors are very easy to install.
  •  We supply doors with standard handles and latches.
  •  You have the option of also adding Cylinder locks and safety latches , supplied to you at affordable prices.
  • Sidelight can be added. These are made to clip easily on the sides.
  •  Windorpro supply sidelights with or without openers.
  •  Standard sizes for sidelights are 600 mm x 2100 mm and 900 mm x 2100 mm.
  • Standard colors are naturally anodized, powder-coated bronze, white, and charcoal.
  • Other colors are available upon request hence giving you a variety of options.
  • Sizes vary from 1500mm Wide to 6000mm wide.
  • Standard Heights are 2100 and 2400.
  • Availability of standard Size doors is between 1-3 working days, therefore, saving you time and money
  • Doors can also be supplied in non-standard sizes.
  • All-purpose made doors can be made within 7-10 working days.
  • Energy efficient doors also available on request.
  •  Most noteworthy is that all doors meet safety standard requirements.

 Summary of what we can do for you regarding your sliding door needs.

  1. We remove and replace old doors with new ones, therefore, you do not need the headache of seeking another contractor.
  2. Measure and give excellent advice on the correct door thus helping you make an informed buying decision.
  3. Supply standard or purpose made doors, therefore, giving you more options.
  4. Fitment of doors in accordance with safety regulations for glass, thus giving you peace of mind.
  5. Seal and or plaster resulting in a quality finish.
  6. Removal of rubbish consequently saving you the burden of cleaning afterward.

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