Steel, wood or Aluminium windows and doors . What are my options ?

Aluminum, wood or steel doors and windows, which is my best option. ?  South African window and door buyers asked these questions on a daily base. thus making the window and door buying experience a difficult decision. For the purpose of answering consumers’ questions, we have only look at the South African market. We have not to include U-PVC.

  • Simply because it is still relatively new to the South African market.
  • Arguably needs to still prove itself over the long term period in our South African unique market conditions.
  • Parts and profiles limited.
  • The color of windows and doors appears to be limited to white.

 Wooden Doors and Windows  

Aesthetic appeal of Wooden doors and windows.

  • Experts have argued that wood is the most aesthetically appealing material to use.
  • The natural style of wood cannot easily be replaced by aluminum or steel.
  • You can either stain wood or paint it any color of your choice.
  • Solid wood’s natural look has proven to withstand the test of time.

Energy Efficiency of wooden doors and windows.

  • Wood is a great insulator, therefore you can enjoy a cool home during summer, and warm home during winter.
  •  You can expect to use fewer heaters during the winter months.
  • Consumers may also count on using fewer air conditioners during the summer months. 
  • Wood is environmentally friendly due to its natural composition. 


  • You can enjoy the natural look of wood but you need to maintain it regularly.
  •  Regular maintenance is required thus preventing, it from rotting, swelling and twisting.
  • Wood is vulnerable to insects due to it being a living organic material.


Steel doors and windows


  • Steel is the strongest material used to manufacture doors and windows.
  • Steel is three times stronger in comparison to aluminum allowing it for larger glass in a thinner frame.


  • Thinner frames with larger glass will allow for stunning aesthetic appeal.
  •  Steel would be the perfect match for industrial surroundings.


  • Steel requires regular  maintenance.
  • It is especially important to seal steel windows properly thus preventing deterioration such as rusting.
  • When you seal it from the beginning, you will benefit in the long term.
  •  You must seal steel frames by applying a good primer, resulting in the steel from rusting.
  • We afterward paint it with a few coats of quality enamel paint.
  • You need to refill and replace window putty on a regular base, however, the glass might break this exercise.
  • We will need to paint steel window frames every couple of years ensuring a  good look.

Energy Efficiency

  • Steel is less energy efficient however comparing it  to its wooden counterparts.
  • This is due to it being a conductor.
  • In contrast to wood, heat will enter your home when it’s hot and will exit during cold temperatures.


 Aluminum Doors and Windows.


  • Aluminum costs significantly less however compared to those of steel or wood counterparts.
  • This is due to its simple manufacturing, where profiles are easily cut and crimped, instead of being welded together.


 We can install Aluminium without breaking the previous frame from the wall We do this by using a  steel -to-aluminum conversion channel : 1.  The fitter grinds away the inner sections of the frames thus only leaving the outer frame. 2.   We then use u- shaped conversion channel. This we then secured above the outer frame. 3. Our team finally install the new window inside the converted frame and sealed with silicone.


  • Aluminium require minimal maintenance. 
  •  The windows will be extremely durable, due to the profiles being powder-coated.
  • Maintaining aluminum an aluminum door or window is quick and affordable.
  • Maintenance will consist of lubrication of the joints and hinges and replacement of the wheels.

Energy Efficiency of aluminum doors and windows

  •  An Aluminium windows and doors are now energy-efficient up to exceptional levels.
  • This is due to thermal breaks, being standard in aluminum profiles in modern times.
  • Homeowners will see a difference in their electricity bills whilst regulating a home’s temperature.


  • We experience more homeowners converting to aluminum.
  •  We have seen a growth in popularity meaning aluminum options the style for the future.
  • Similar to steel, aluminum profiles can also be used to add to the windows’ beauty.
  •  You can buy aluminum in different colors, for example, natural, bronze white, and charcoal.


        Wooden windows and doors are both the most beautiful and energy-efficient, but requires substantial time and effort to uphold.

        Steel windows and doors are the strongest.

  • The strength of steel is great for holding heavy glass panes or supporting large structures.
  • Steel is not energy efficient.
  • Steel requires regular maintenance.

    Overall aluminum will be the most practical option to install in your home.

  • The material is both light but strong, ensuring it will withstand heavy glass.
  • Minimal maintenance is required over time.
  • Aluminum is your cheapest option compared to other materials.
  • Aluminum buyers enjoy headache-free installation due to the simplicity of modern yet elegant designs.
  • When it comes to modern design aluminum takes the first place.
  • Thermal breaks provide for energy-efficient windows and doors.

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