Windorpro Showcase

Windorpro  showcase  is a proud way of  what we  and our affiliates can do for you.

In the past people where impressed with neat expensive product catalogues .  This only to find that after the purchase decision, the product was not up to standard. Many buyers experience what is known as post purchase dissonance or buyers blues. This is the feeling of disappointment after the product has been bought and it is worth less than the perceived value.

Successful companies ,salespeople , marketers and consultants know that the best way of giving a client what they want is to give extraordinary service . This mean a product an service that exceeds their expectations.

Social media and content marketing has  allow consumers to double check consistency in what a service provider promise.

The Windorpro showcase  depicts  only  a few of the many  solutions that can be provided in  you’re quest  for the right  fenestration solutions.The showcase are also backed by many happy customers and testimonials.

Our busy and fast changing  lives have contributed that everything  has become more specialized  and the need for lifestyle consultants.

We make use of  fitness instructors as health lifestyle consultant.  Interior decorators are used for inside living. For outside living we have garden landscapers.  For finances we have a financial expert.

Window and door lifestyle solutions has until recently lack the expertise of companies that give you total solutions in all of the different window and door solutions.With so many new building regulations and energy efficiency awareness the need for  fenestration solution experts would become more required.

We would welcome potential buyers to browse through the recent and past projects that have been handles by Windorpro or proud partners.

What you can expect from us is  window and door projects in steel, wood or aluminium . We have also replaced many old wooden windows and doors with  aluminium windows.

Due to many years of experience we have been able to present customers with solutions not  offered by other companies such as cavity sliding doors,  affordable three panel sliding window  instead of stacking folding window

We can  also  supply garage doors and shower doors.

Stewart Murdoch