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WINDORPRO proudly provides only the best windows and doors in Aluminium, Wood and Steel.

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Windorpro does not only supply windows and doors but lifestyle solutions.

The popular window and door lifestyle consultants, Windorpro(Pty) ltd.was founded by Stewart Murdoch.

Stewart has previously been extremely successful in other industries. This dynamic businessman and entrepreneur has operated within diverse industries such as in the banking, information technology and motor industry. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his innovation and the groundbreaking processes implemented.

From 2008 he have been  active within the building industry. He has found a passion and excitement by providing window and door solutions to building merchants, home owners, contractors and other D.I.Y enthusiast.

For  many people a window and door might seem just something  you open, close, lock or unlock but to Stewart and his team at Windorpro it is a passion and a livelihood.

To many manufacturers, distributors  and  salesmen windows and doors are only  another commodity or opportunity that earns them money. Not only do you have to sort the proverbial chaff from the wheat, but many manufacturers only make standard aluminium windows and doors, limiting buyers to mass-produced, low-quality products with no soul. Other manufacturers specialize in purpose made doors and windows. Some even only make wooden doors while others only make wooden windows. This adds yet another hurdle to the what should in essence be a simply buying process.


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