What is a value proposition :

When pitching for investors or nominated for awards you will often get ask -What is your business value proposition?  Normally you  know exactly what you stand for and what your strengths and weaknesses are. However, now you need to explain to somebody in simple terms so that they can understand. I think people are frankly tired of all the boring clichés which many companies so often quote, just to fill in the blanks, saying something which means nothing.
  • You almost always  find the following crap-
  • We are the best in our market and supply quality products.
  • We strive for service excellence.
  • We give extraordinary service.
  • No job too big or small, we do it all.
  • Large variety of products and services.
Same empty promises. This is non-negotiables. This is expected in your price. The main question is what makes you different?  Do you fulfill a problem in the market? So, when considering buying windows and doors, we can also quote the normal clichés, however we would like to add the following which you might consider.
  • Windorpro can help with  you’re with window and door needs in steel, wood or aluminium. This means fair comparison of three different natural products. Most companies would only be able to help with the one or the other.
  • We give on-site advice for free, without any need for commitment. You can therefore make an informed decision, based on facts and figures . Even if you do not buy from us this would help you.
  • Having been visiting over 8000 homes ,over 8 years and converting the most into transactions, we have the experience. We have paid our fair amount of  mistakes and understanding most of the risks involved in making wrong decisions.
  • When buying doors and windows you have options of buying cheap material or the more expensive options. We can give you both but would be able to compare apples with apples. You should appreciate to notice that the cheaper option appears the same, however there is a difference. Many retailers will offer only the cheap options. Other retailers only the expensive ones. Don’t believe anybody telling you, that they are the same.
  • When buying Windows and doors you are opening yourselves to many risks and building regulations, safety rules and energy efficiency guidelines. You surely would not want to leave this to somebody inexperienced.
  • We  also offer other value added window and door solutions. Thus saving you money and time. This services include: delivery, fitment, replacements of old rusted windows and doors and rotten wooden windows and doors.
  • Other doors and windows which been offered includes: shower doors, garage doors in wood and  steel, transformer doors, industrial windows and school windows.
Windorpro (Pty) Ltd  has in less than a year proven itself to a major force in the fenestration industry and offering a revolutionary business model of note for any business in the new beginning of the third wave of technology. We have in just over a year achieved the following of note:
  • Nominee as business of the year at Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and FNB Bank yearly function.
  • One of the first companies, if not the first utilizing Facebook live as a communication tool for future business and communication.
  • Leading the way and setting the tone in Social Media Marketing, Network marketing, Neighbourhood marketing through providing platforms for many Small Medium Businesses to optimize their businesses.
  • Arguably o of the fastest growing online Fenestration Business on the internet in 2016, being on the top 1% business in the Alexa world rankings. What makes it notable is that this has been done organically, with minimum paid advertising whilst focusing and engaging with audiences, by giving the best and trusted and honest quality content and information to potential window and door buyers.
  • Our continuous social proof has proven that Windorpro is not just a company that have dreams but through positive action wants to change the world.
  • As a business, we also serve the community through:
– Mentorship of utilizing Social media marketing. – Sharing, caring and contributing financially and talents to Non- profit organisations in Krugersdorp. – Active in Chamber of commerce and other business networking organisations. -Helping through promoting Krugersdorp and South Africa as a tourist and travel destination. As Google, local guide we have in 8 months had more than 330 000 viewers of photos, review, adding places on Google Maps. Current growth suggest that this would reach one million by the end of 2017. We would be slowly added to its product range. Continuously providing a better user experience.  Windorpro is not just a window and door supplier but are passionate in changing lifestyles.   For Free on site quotation please contact us :  081 782 7334 Stew@windorpro.co.za www.windorpro.co.za