NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL. I really find it amazing  yet  boring that some companies,marketers and service today are still using the term NO JOB TOO BIG OR TO SMALL.  I see this as a fallacy or false statement . Some  service providers that make these statements are usually the very same ones that are  falling short of  both providing “small” or “big” jobs. It is evident that you  can almost certainly expect a  very mediocre service. With unclear vision and often shotgun approach are used to endeavour to capture some portion of the market. When asking ,..” In what business you are you’re expertise?” they would answer ”  O we do a little bit of everything” Some individuals are just plain scared to be the carrier of bad news and be open and honest with customers to tell them their company cannot help them but they can recommend company  JOE SOAP. Maybe some companies are scared of losing their very low market share to a competitor which are more focussed. By using these tactics they hope that they can capture the potential buyers before the competition and delivering a service not worth paying for. At Windorpro (Pty) ltd  we are striving our best to ensure that  we can help each and every home owners and buyers of Windows,Doors ,Shower Doors and Garage doors. What we can do we say  YES we would proudly help you. What we cannot do we can  either outsource to our network of  very reliable Window and Door partners. If we cannot help we would gladly refer you somebody that can help this  might even mean our competitors.