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About us.

Windorpro does not only supply windows and doors but lifestyle solutions.

Windorpro(Pty) ltd. was founded by  Stewart Murdoch in 2015.

Stewart has previously been extremely successful in other industries. This dynamic businessman and entrepreneur  has operated within diverse industries such as in the  banking, information technology and motor industry. He has  received numerous awards and accolades for his  innovation and the groundbreaking processes implemented.


From 2008 he have been  active within the building industry. He has found a passion and excitement by providing window and door solutions to building merchants, home owners, contractors and other D.I.Y enthusiast.

For  many people a window and door might seem just something  you open, close, lock or unlock but to Stewart and his team at Windorpro it is a passion and a livelihood.

To many manufacturers, distributors  and  salesmen windows and doors are only  another commodity or opportunity that earns them money. Not only do you have to sort the proverbial chaff from the wheat, but many manufacturers only make standard aluminium windows and doors, limiting buyers to mass-produced, low-quality products with no soul. Other manufacturers specialize in purpose made doors and windows. Some even only make wooden doors while others only make wooden windows. This adds yet another hurdle to the what should in essence be a simply buying process.

Salespeople lack product knowledge due to the many different  products they “have on sale”. Being mostly store bound it is increasingly difficult to provide the exact, complimentary product that each individual buyer requires.

With various online suppliers also rising like mushrooms overnight, already hard-pressed consumers have been disappointed with the service they receive from these new companies.

It is simply not always possible to oversee a project in Johannesburg whilst you have not got a dedicated and trusted agent or  project manager  to do so. Add to that a project manager that doesn’t understand the aesthetic beauty and importance of windows and doors, and you are left with an unsatisfactory product.

Windows and doors are part of our lifestyle it influences our health and our psychology. It connects the outside to the inside. It allows for absolute necessary natural light into our living spaces. Aesthetically it completes our homes. It provides security and privacy. It says hello to the outside.

Having this in mind, Stewart sees it as his mission to provide every potential client with a “vision” through quality market-related products to compliment the lifestyle needs of every single individual.



Windorpro ( Pty) Ltd was nominated WINNER in 2017 Independent Entrepeneur  , Emerging Markets, Manufacturing retail.

Stewart has the ability to connect with his clients in a specific way, asking the right questions and by being able to envisage what it would look like in the future having the most suitable door and window in a specific opening. These lifestyle options are what we offer to our clients.

Can you imagine these lifestyles:

  • Having a braai or barbecue with your friends and inside your Lapa while all the  doors are open.
  • Viewing the outside of your  well established tropical  garden whilst enjoying a bath.
  •  Watching game as close to your bedroom through a  full-size window on your  bushveld  farm. 
  • Enjoying a sundowner  from a balcony whilst watching  the sunset on the horizon  through opening of up-folded stacking doors.


Consulting is what we love to do and establishing a long lasting friendship, partnerships and relationship with our clients i what we aim for every day.

We see improving and minor changes of lifestyles being a continuous process as we  going through life cycles.

We would certainly like to be  your “DOOR- AND- WINDOW- GUY- TO -GO- TO “ all of the time.


We can help with Steel, aluminium and wooden doors and windows as well as trellis gates and replacement of broken glass.

These are only a few questions  from which will  be dealt with in a more in details in  concise sessions.

  • Reason for buying or need to change
  • Steel, wood or aluminium options
  • Amount of light needed
  • What type of  window and doors needed  and offered  for different spaces
  • Maintenance applicable on different types of doors and windows.
  • Aesthetic applications having in mind, personal choice, building style of  house and neighbourhood.
  • Safety regulations in terms of personal safety and crime prevention
  • Budget of  window or door buyer
  • Installation  details and time schedules
  • Features, advantages and benefits of short list products and comparisons with other market-related products.
  • The benefit is that client can make an informative decision based a relative quotation or proposal can be expected within 48 hours.

Business is placed directly through our many reliable  manufacturers  and service providers each own carefully chosen by Windorpro to suffice your specific living style.

Placed directly through our many reliable  manufacturers  and service providers each own carefully chosen by Windorpro  to suffice your specific living style.