Broken Door

When buying Doors it should not give you headache.

Finding that you need to replace a door you would normally rush to the nearest  hardware or big Building supply retail shop. The choices of doors might seem very big, however  making the right choice could proven wrong or causing  pitfalls and headaches. Some pitfalls and things to consider is as follows;
  1. Do not just buy the cheapest wooden   door. Make sue what the purpose is of each door. There is a big price difference between inside and outside.Inside door will rot if use on outside as it is not a solid door.
  2.  When installing a wooden door remember to use good quality Sealant such as Woodoc. All sides need to be sealed before installation with two coats and after installation another coat in order to keep Manufacturers
  3. NB !DO NOT USE VARNISH FOR OUTSIDE DOORS but Quality sealant. This will be discussed on later stage.
  4. Make sure if door going to swing inside or outside.
  5. A  Sill for wooden or aluminium doors are recommended for doors opening to the outside, thus helping to keep water out. A Professional  builder or Window and door expert can help you to built the frame in flush so that you have not got a step over or ” Trip” over.
  6. The correct door application for specific space must be use. I would suggest that a sliding door not to be fit in a space smaller than 2000 mm wide. This will then allow for  just less than 900 pedestrian walk through. You are wasting money to have a smaller sliding door than this. For carrying big  cargo or big sofas   through the door, you would need bigger doors.
  7. NB! Never just break out a opening into a wall for the purpose of a door without consulting a architect, engineer or professional. Structural damage to your wall or building could be astronomical  never ending expense.
  8. When installing a door , make sure you are qualified and have the correct tools.  Manufacturers warranties would  restrict you to cut off to much of the bottom,top, left side or right side of a wooden door  .
  9. Exceeding  terms would result in warranties being dishonoured
  10. When buying door avoid of pitfalls of buying a cheaper  imported  sliding door .The hardware and hinges may not be obtainable when doing services at a later stage.
  11. Major Pitfalls would also include buying  sliding doors that do not comply with safety requirement, this became costly as the glass will broke with the slightest movement or stress. This resulting in expensive replacement or even injury.
It is always recommended to consult with an expert Window and door Consultant when buying a new door. For free onsite consultation and quote contact; Stewart Murdoch Windorpro (Pty)ltd and door guy