Replacing old windows with new windows this year?


Replacing of old windows with new Windows in Sandton during 2016

 Photo of  Windorpro replacing old windows with new windows during early 2016 in Sandton.

Why Windows sometimes need replacement.

  • Old windows do not open properly, therefore allowing cold to enter.
  • Energy loss due to windows not opening or closing properly, thus resulting in high electricity bills.
  • Handles, hinges and other hardware are not functioning properly.
  • Moving panels do not move smoothly.
  • The cost of buying new handles and hinges are not viable due to manufacturing being discontinued.
  • Poor aesthetic appearance due to rusted or rotten windows
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    This Window would surely needs replacement.

    This Window would surely need replacement.

  • A brand new facelift improving the value of the house.
  • Restoring an old house or historic building to the original state.
  • Changing windows from a smaller to a bigger window or changing a bigger window to a smaller window.
  • Personal preference or a need to change.


 When replacing old windows with new windows the following must be considered:

  • The cost of replacing old windows with new windows versus the cost of fixing the current windows.
  • Comparing the hassle of replacing old windows versus enduring the hassle of fixing the old windows yourself.
  • The type of material to be used when buying new windows.
  • The features, advantages, and benefits of the different types of window replacement materials.
  • Type of window, style, and colour of window frames.
  • Energy efficiency – and minimum safety requirements as per building regulations.
  • Related guarantees or warranties for the windows as well as the workmanship.
  • What is the short-term cost comparing steel, wood or aluminium?
  • What is the medium-term cost when comparing steel, wood or aluminium?
  • How will I save in the long-term, comparing steel, wood or aluminium?
NB! The sizes of an old standard steel window are not the same size as a standard size of a similar aluminium window. Example: The old steel window with a unique code of ND54 refers to a standard steel window with size 1511mmx1545mm The comparing aluminium standard window sizes is 1490mmx1490mm which is suitable for an opening of 1500mmx1500mm   What are my options?   Windows can be supplied in either wood, aluminum or steel.

Steel Windows

There is no doubt that steel is the strongest of all the material that windows are made of. This allows for very narrow sightlines. The strength of steel allows for much bigger window panels in thinner steel frames. Steel has a long life cycle and if treated and maintained will last for many years. Examples of steel windows still in existence for centuries all over the world. The disadvantage of steel windows is, they do not always comply with all new energy-efficient regulations.   You should check with your architect to give you some guidelines and an approved window and door schedule.

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows always look stunning consequently has a very inviting appeal.  You can enjoy the natural aesthetic appearance from wood, contributing to homely feel and experience.  You would, however, need to maintain it regularly, in order to keep its great looks.

Aluminium Windows.

Our experience and studies have shown that aluminum windows are currently the most popular of all the window material in South Africa. Installation is fast and easy.  Aluminum also requires little maintenance, therefore, resulting in a cost-saving over the long-term


Type or style of Windows when replacing old windows with new windows.

We supply windows in steel, wood or aluminium.
  • Top Hung windows in steel, wood or aluminium.
  • Side Hung windows in steel wood or aluminium.
  • Stacking folding Windows in wood or aluminium.
  • Horizontal sliding windows in wood or aluminium.
  • Vertical sliding windows in wood or aluminium.
  • Cottage pane (small pane) or Large Pane windows in Steel or Wood
  • Mock Sash Windows in Wood.

 Who would handle the removal of old windows and replacement of new windows project myself?

  • Shall I do the job myself or consider using a contractor?
  • How many days would the project take versus the time I use a contractor consequently saving me downtime on other important things.
  • Will I compromise or lose my guarantee when doing the job, myself?
  • What extra material will be used when doing the job, myself?
Additional questions to ask yourself or your contractor: Should I remove the old windows completely or do it in portions? Will I have openings during the construction and renovation period? Can I endure any inconvenience during the period of construction? Will I have security issues during the period of renovation or construction? We are sure that these tips and guidelines will help you make the correct informative decision. For free on-site quotes and helping you please contact: Stewart Claudette: Visit :