Integrating social media with real face to face marketing

Integrating Face to Face Networking with Social network through high-quality content and lasting relationships.


Social Digital  Media Marketing.

Launch 1 June 2016 LIVE ON FACEBOOK.

Integrating old traditions face to face marketing tactics with new social media .

Adapt or Die

Face it marketing will never be the same again. The way we read the news will never be the same. The way we engage with others will never be the same. If you an Entrepreneur you need to constantly change. Every second every ,minute , every hour and every day. Also read

Social Media For Social Entrepreneurship You need to be not only on top of trends but must understand , predict and set trends. This means that you need to attend courses or spend hours upon hours  reading and looking at multimedia videos such as  Youtube and Facebook. All the material is at your disposal, filtering the best from very mediocre unreliable content is more difficult. Social  Media network marketing will assist with providing quality content from the most authoritative sources on the web helping you with marketing and networking tips and efforts. We will be able to provide the service through collaborators and experts that are already part of the network such as Business doctors  and through thought leaders such as Jeff Bullas one of the most successful Social marketing media  gurus in the world. Looking Forward to launch  this exciting new  Facebook  platform  on 1 June 2016. Stewart Murdoch