Stacking folding doors from Windorpro

Stacking folding doors – great looking in charcoal colour

 Folding doors -Integrating outdoor with Indoor.

Stacking doors are progressively  taking the  first position for any building method ,integrating outside living with inside.  In a country where we enjoy  more sunshine  than most European  Countries,  it just make good sense to enjoy our excellent weather. You will find that this is the most popular and easiest way to integrate outside living with inside activities.  Stacking folding doors are also known as folding doors, Concertina Doors and Vista folding doors . Stacking folding doors allow you to integrate interior of your home with the beauty of your garden .This creating a seemingly indoor-outdoor flow.

What is a Stacking Folding Door?

A stacking folding door is one big door completed by many individual door panels into a unity.   We supply these individual panels or doors  with extremely high quality hinges and hardware . It allows for very smooth flow on a bottom track and wheels. On the top a practical guide make operation very easy.

Stacking Folding Doors For Privacy.

You van also use stacking folding as a room divider .  Therefore when you close it, you allow for privacy between two rooms. Furthermore, when you opened it , you are benefiting from one big area, such as an boardroom or entertainment area. Customers  can  order folding doors ,in many different sizes. Ultimately , you can order  from 2400 mm wide up to 6000 mm wide. The industry  recommend that the  height to be  between 2100 up to a maximum of 2700 mm. We also recommend  that individual panels do not exceed  900 mm .  We supply stacking  doors  in different colours. As a result you can order standard colours . Specifically ,we supply in Natural, Bronze , White and Charcoal is .  We manufacture stacking  doors to  open inwards or outwards.  Furthermore, you can also, stipulate if panel must move from left to right or from right to left. Where possible, we suggest doors to open to the outside.We also suggest that inside floor level to be higher than outside level. This helps prevent water from sipping underneath the door.When doors are opening to the inside you must keep in mind of a ground clearance of 5-10 mm . This allows for smooth gliding over the floors. Other colours are available on request. Al Door panels must include safety glass as per building  regulations. Windorpro supply all doors  with 6.38 mm Laminated safety glass. Where stated or required, we also supply  energy efficient  glass . Manufacturing period is between 7 -14 Working days. For More info email us at 081 782 7334