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Steel doors are extremely Strong

Steel doors are extremely Strong , durable and Long lasting.

Steel Doors – When safety is important you might consider Extremely Strong, Durable and long lasting Doors.

Steel Doors are arguably the strongest natural  material if you comparing it with Wooden Doors , Aluminium  doors and PVC doors 

Being extremely durable it would last for years if treated against rust. The strength of  these doors cannot be compared by Wood, aluminium or PVC.

When safety is a consideration steel also competes in the first place.

Steel doors need to be treated  with a red oxide primer or  similar process before  final paint layer and installation.

Buyers have the option of Single Hinged steel doors and Double Hinged Steel Doors.

 Doors  can open to the Inside or to the outside. Outside opening is always recommended though do to the threshold underneath that forms a barrier for incoming water.

Inside opening doors are usually manufactured with a threshold . Doors have a ground clearance  of  5-10 mm above the ground .This allows for smooth operating and movement above the tiles or flooring.

Doors are manufactured  in 2  basic styles.

Steel doors have a  sleek elegant look and can be fitted with lovely decorative glass. It can withstand high volumes of traffic. Extra strong quality hinges and hardware ensure that doors open with ease. Parliament hinges will make it easy for doors to open up 180 degrees to fold against a wall.

Full Pane 

This means that the doors are manufactured  to  accommodate bigger full panes of glass. 

Cottage Pane Glass

This  mean that the doors are divided into smaller panes to accommodate many more small panes of glass.

Doors are manufactured in standard sizes . Purpose made sizes can be manufactured upon request.

The disadvantage of  a steel door is that it need to be treated against rust. The other disadvantage is that it is not the best isolator of cold or hot weather elements.