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  • Steel Windows and Doors
  •  Due to marketing strategies,  buying behaviour  and  current  trends   most  people buy aluminium windows these days and therefore  demand for steel windows have diminish .The new fenestration regulations also do not favour steel window and door  manufacturers and suppliers.  Many manufacturers have been forced to close doors or to convert to manufacture or supply aluminium windows. Where regulation however allows for steel window it is remains a very affordable possibility to consider.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain.
  • Steel windows can be easily custom made too many different sizes and shapes.
  • Due to its strength big window glass can be fitted into very narrow steel profiles thus providing for thin attractive lines.
  • Steel windows do not easily warp.
  • The strength level of steel remain stronger than of all the window materials.
  • Window glass can be easily replaced when broken.
  • Incredible strength of steel windows and doors make it an attractive offer for security purpose.