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January 2020

Doors and Windows , Steel, Wood or Aluminium ?

By | January 12th, 2020|

Aluminum, wood or steel doors and windows, which is my best option. ?  South African window and door buyers asked these questions on a daily base. thus making the window and door buying experience a difficult decision. For the purpose of answering consumers’ questions, we have only look at the South African market. We [...]

January 2018

Most interesting window and door articles in the world.

By | January 20th, 2018|

 Most interesting window and door articles in the world.


History of windows.

 Are you passionate about windows and doors? Are you interested in the history of windows and doors want to know where they come from? Are you looking for most interesting window and door articles?  This is one of the best window and door article we could find telling the story of the humble beginnings of windows and doors. Pulling back the curtains- The History of Windows  

How Window glass gets manufactured.

Believe it or not. Window glass is made of sand. Following interesting article illustrates the manufacturing of glass from the beginning to the end product, which is a totally transparent product, known as glass and used in windows as we know it today. What is glass and how its made  

The tallest door in the world.

Don’t we just like records and statistics? Tallest, smallest, richest, biggest smallest.  A recently written article placed by Lindsay Riggs on the social media platform, Linkedin place some perspective of some of the tallest doors in the world. Consider that an average single hinged door is about  1 meter wide by 2.1 meters high. 
Behind every door, there is a story. Whether the entrance to your home, business, or a warehouse, each entryway has a purpose. Some of these might be a bit over the top, but life is short and if you want a 20-foot door on your townhome……more power to you!…..

August 2017

10 Window and door products and services you probably did not know we provide.

By | August 20th, 2017|

10 Window and Door products and services you probably did not know we provide. Windorpro is your one-stop total solutions online shop for window and door products and services. Windorpro is proud of offering a very comprehensive variety of quality and affordable window and door products and services. Each and every product and [...]

April 2017

Looking for a trusted company for windows and doors ? Contact someone you can trust.

By | April 23rd, 2017|

Looking for trusted suppliers of windows and doors? Contact someone you can trust. Face the fact there are many suppliers of windows and doors lately co and subcontractors you could not trust to do business with. The cost of distrust is just too high to take any chances. You get some for whom you pay [...]

December 2016

Stacking Folding Doors – Integrating home with garden

By | December 22nd, 2016|

Stacking folding doors - great looking in charcoal colour  Folding doors -Integrating outdoor with Indoor. Stacking doors are progressively  taking the  first position for any building method ,integrating outside living with inside.  In a country where we enjoy  more sunshine  than most European  Countries,  it just make good sense to enjoy our excellent [...]

August 2016

Most Important questions your window and door Expert Should ask you.

By | August 2nd, 2016|

  Introduction Just about every home improvement service, consultancy have an expert that you can go to. For your tiles you would approach a place such as CTM Tiles. for  bathroom Bathroom Bizarre. or a qualified plumber. For  your woodworking Timber City. When approaching Window and door consultancy services , the expertise seems to lack. Question [...]