Is this the tallest Single Hinged door in South Africa? 20160126_10170820160126_101950 Since joining the Window and Door industry in 2008, I have developed an incredible passion for doors and windows. Having visited over 8000 residential dwellings, I learn to appreciate a deeper meaning of doors and windows. Entering a customer’s premises, the first thing I would instinctively notice is the front door. During a recent visit to a potential client, I was overwhelmed with excitement by the enormous size of the existing single hinged front door. This door majestically   towering at almost six meters. high. According to the new homeowners of this pre-owned beauty, I was informed that this door may possibly be the tallest single hinged residential door in South Africa. My fascination and inborn curiosity have aspired me to ask the question if this is indeed the tallest residential door in South Africa I Would be most interested to hear from builders, architects, or homeowners if they know what the height of the tallest residential door in South Africa is. Contribution: Stewart Murdoch Windorpro (Pty)Ltd Window and door Lifestyle Consultant