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What are my options when we it comes to changing steel windows to aluminium windows?


What are my options when we it comes to changing steel windows to aluminum windows?

 Have you ever wondered: what are my options when changing steel windows to aluminium windows?

These remain one of the most questions we get when it comes to changing steel windows to aluminum windows.

 As Homeowners, we want peace of mind not to endure a  messy experience and an inconvenience that would stretch out for weeks.

There are mainly three options when removing old steel windows and replacing it with aluminum windows. Some suppliers can either give you one of the three options.

Having been in this industry for ten years we offer you all three of the solutions.

Option 1 – Removing the old steel windows completely.

This solution is when the old steel window gets remove in total by breaking it out from the plaster.

The old steel windows contain steel fixing lugs on the sides. During the original building of the house, these fixing lugs would have assisted to secure the steel windows into its place. So to remove the steel window it thus means you must reach this fixing lugs. You must then  grind straight through the plaster. After this grinding of the fixing lugs.

While the benefit of this method Is the fact that you do completely remove the old steel windows and all its remains. The downside is that it is a messy story ,

This might even take a half a day for a big window. Following the removal, the builder needs to re-plaster and the house needs to be repainted.

There might even be a big chance that a few tiles would be broken and needs to be a match and replaced.

The average cost (excluding supply of windows) would be between R1500- R2000 per window labor.

Option 2 –

This solution would include to grinding out of the old steel windows, however, keeping the outer frame of the steel windows.

Secondly, the old steel window outer frame remains as the main supporting frame for the new aluminum frame.

The exposed / Visible steel outer frame then gets treated and painted the same color as the newly introduced aluminum frame.

an aluminum frame then gets mounted on top of the steel window frame.

What will be visible from a viewer’s perspective will be a portion of the old steel window, and then on top of it the new aluminum frame.

This is a very economical solution which doesn’t look bad after the new aluminum window has been fitted.

Keep however in mind that you might have to need to repaint the old exposed steel bits or exposed edges in a couple of years, whilst the should not any maintenance.

 The labor cost for this application should range from R650 – R1100 per window replacement. (This excluding supply of the window)

The third option-

Using steel to aluminum conversion channel.

Steel Window removed ( Bottom Right) and replaced with aluminium window using a steel conversion channel

Steel Window removed ( Bottom Right) and replaced with aluminium window using a steel conversion channel

Before and after pictures of steel windows and doors replaced with aluminum windows and doors.

This option entails that the old steel window gets to grind out similar to option 2, however where the old steel window gets painted, it now gets covered very neatly with an aluminum cover channel.

This channel fits firmly over the remaining old steel frame and covers it in the front and the back.

Steel window to aluminium conversion channel

Steel to aluminium conversion channel

Nothing is now exposed and visible. The cost of the channel **(in addition to the normal labor cost) as prescribed in solution 2)  is between R170 for a small window and R700 for the big window.

Costing slightly more than option 2.  It is  however worth spending this little bit more if you can afford it.

This will surely give you the assurance that you can enjoy your newly introduced aluminium windows for many years.

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