Plastic cover on aluminium windows is extremely important during the building process.

Aluminium window s covered with plastic at an incomplete building project.

Plastic cover Plastic covers should be left till job is finish Have you ever wondered why  the plastic is still on aluminium windows after it has already been installed but  the building process of remaining house is still in progress. The fact is, that if you are a builder, project manager or home owner busy building or renovating,  it is extremely important to keep the plastic until handing over the project to your customer . The purpose of plastic obviously is for packing purposes , protecting the window during storing and transportation. During the building process the purpose of the plastic is  keeping the windows intact from building chemicals such as cement, paint, glue, roof tar sealants and strong  cleaning chemicals. Some of the materials are from acidic nature  and other an alkaline base which  may  both may effect the frames . When  the window frames has already  been exposed to these chemicals for  a prolonged time , discolouration takes place and the effect might  be irreversible. This might be very costly as the aluminium part or complete window would need to be replaced. Should cement or any other building chemicals accidentally splashes on the surface of the windows ,it should be removed immediately with water  to prevent any  harm  to the windows. Where cement and building material splashes have settled, you should try and clean it rather  with  soft brushes such as plastic or wood instead of steel brush. Prevention remains the best solution, so keep the plastic on until you have finished you’re project. Stewart  Murdoch Windorpro (Pty) ltd Window and door lifestyle consultant