One of the biggest  advantages of Social Media Marketing is that it saves on traditional paper business cards.   
If you optimize your brand name well enough you will never, ever have to give out your business card again.
Attending between 1 – 3  face to face Business Networking functions per week, we seldom need to give out  paper business cards. For  Successful longterm marketing Campaign , it  helps integrating  offline activities (Network Marketing) with Social Media marketing activities. These two strategies complement each other amazingly. From this we have experienced  amazing results and would like to share this with  all our clients, strategic alliances suppliers and networking friends.
  •  A digital business card can be given immediately to new contact via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.
  •  Only the  minimum of people do not prefer this method of exchanging contact details.
  • Contact details are immediately available in a digital format. No need to copy this from a Paper Business Card
  •  Encourage  new friends, business contacts to make a simple Google search  by typing your Business name.
  • Goodwill , trust and relationship are immediately kindled through Facebook Business- and other Social Media platforms.
  • It encourage viewers to your business website which in the long run helps with Search Engine optimization. 
  • Once a Social Media relationship has been integrated with a Network Marketing connections it is easy to maintain and adding value to your  long term Strategy.
  • Once connected through Social Media platform it is just so much simple to communicate on a regular base.
  • It help you  establish  a holistic web authority for your product and service and thought leadership. 
Having done this search it should give you than enough articles to make a very informative decision about who we are and what we  can do for you. This will surely boost your product sales and form strategic alliances with the people you want to target.Quality is better than quantity. Quality is also more organic for long lasting stimulation of your business growth and partnerships. The success of Social Media Marketing would therefore depend on consistently publishing same message tailormade to every audience age groups or cultures. The more platforms you can master the more exposure you would receive of the Internet. Windorpro has over the last year enjoy mixed success over some platforms. We invite our Networking friends Connections  and clients to join us on some of the other platforms 1)Facebook  Create a Facebook Page for your Brand Windorpro Facebook Page
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