Window and Door Project Gallery

Welcome to our window and door project gallery page. This is just a few examples of our diverse service and product offering.

Windorpro Showcase

Windorpro showcase is a proud way of what we and our affiliates can do for you. Our showcase is also backed by many happy customers and testimonials.

Window and door project 

Remove the old windows and replace with new windows.Windows were replaced with brand new aluminum windows. Burglar bars have been added to all window openers.

Replacement of broken windows glass .

Window and door project-Remove old steel windows. Replace with aluminum top hung windows.

Renovation of a luxury house in Sandton.

The bronze faded windows were replaced with new aluminum windows. Some openings were filled with massive stacking folding doors. This overlooking the luscious garden.

Restoration of luxury house in Bryanston with charcoal colour side hung alumiunum windows

 Restoration of a luxury house in  Sandton.

Removal of rotten wooden doors and replacement with aluminum sliding doors.

  • We often replace old rotten wooden doors with new aluminum sliding doors.
  • Although wood is aesthetically appealing, it often needs attention.
  • Regular application of a good wood sealant such as Woodoc exterior is highly recommended.
  • We offer maintenance and service, on doors and windows.
  •  At worst case, we would need to replace the doors or windows.

 Window and door project -Installation of sliding door. We also service and repair doors and windows.

Supply of purpose made windows and doors.  

We can supply purpose made windows and doors, in many different shapes and sizes. Bay windows. Corner Windows. Arched windows and doors.Triangular windows, Circle or semicircle windows. Fix Windows.

Supply of purpose made windows. We supply windows of different sizes and shapes.