Steenbok street Collage

Window and door project in Sandton.

Window and door Project description:

  • Remove old windows.
  • replace with new charcoal colour aluminium windows.
  • Plaster and sealant. Main contractor : CBT Bouers Window and door Co-ordinator: Windorpro (Pty)Ltd
Manufacturers :  Wispeco – Aluminium Window and door extrusion Manufacturers. Aluminium Window and door  Profile Stockists: Conways SHowers: PG Primador Window and Door Installer : Norman Bosch. Glass Suppliers : Glass Partners. Frameless Showers: C and  S Showers (Sipho).


1.1) Top- Hung Windows (Awning type):

20160401_110317 The top Hung windows opened up with hinges on the top and opened up from bottom upwards . The top hung windows were mostly used for the bathroom and was supplied with toughened safety glass according to newest safety regulations. The glass color was mostly obscured glass for added privacy.

1.2) Side Hung Windows :

20160401_105950 Most off the windows replaced were side-hung windows according to clients special request. All the windows were purposely made to fit the openings. The windows open wide for maximum ventilation. The aesthetically  appealing charcoal colour windows complimented the modern design kitchen, tiles and luxury bathrooms.

1.3) Horizontal Sliding windows:

The versatile horizontal sliding windows classy to the neighbouring stacking folding doors. The big sliding windows allow plenty of light entering the house. The horizontal windows are specially  manufactured to move both ways . This windows can move either from left to right or from right to left.

1.4) Vertical Sliding windows

Vertical sliding windows are not used much these days. The client opted for this windows rather than side-hung or top- hung windows The limited opening space did not allow for windows to flip sideways or upwards and downwards.

1.5) Fix windows .

These windows have been placed next to the staircase. Only natural light is needed and no need for ventilation.


2.1) Sliding patio doors:

Horizontal sliding window Sliding doors have been placed at the bottom floor rooms allowing both for ventilation and natural light to enter the room. All the sliding doors were fitted with laminated glass for safety purposes and complies with glass regulations.

2.2)Stacking folding doors.

Stacking folding door The stacking folding door is the main future of this awesome luxurious house. The door which open at almost 5 meters moves swiftly,  opening almost completely thus integrating the indoor with beautiful outside garden.

2.3)Double Hinged door.

One double hinged door have been fitted in an upstairs room opening fully to and open balcony overlooking an awesome view.

Shower Doors and Panels:

Frameless  Corner Shower

Frameless Shower corner entry.

It was only fitting that the house could only be completed with luxurious frameless shower doors and panels. All three bathrooms had completely different showers each to suit the theme of the bathrooms. One of the outside rooms included a white framed shower with clear glass manufactured by PG Primador and installed by Norman Bosch from Xtreme Windows. This project is just one of many window and door solutions we can provide. Stewart Murdoch Windorpro (Pty)Ltd Window and door lifestyle consultant.