Are windows and doors only another boring product ?

Windows and doors may be a  very boring commodities or subject of discussion.For some home owners  this is only a necessity to complete the building of a new house.  Existing home owners might postpone replacing old worn , rotten  or rusted windows or doors due to perceived cost implications. For building merchants contractors or sales people  may see it  as just another product to convert into monetary value. As lifestyle consultants we believe that we are not just selling a window or door.Doors and windows are not just the opening or closing of a room but open the world to another dimension. As lifestyle consultants we believe in selling a lifestyle.  Our goal is to enhance peoples lives through providing them with quality vision, literally and figuratively speaking. When selling  a window and door lifestyle we would put ourselves in the shoes of  the  home owners. We would  identify with the  most important things that forms an integral part of the individual or common group’s interest, hobbies, preference and  age .This might sometimes mean buying  be a huge sliding door that overlook  the Magaliesberg  mountain range. Sometimes can be  as small as adding a pet door insert  into a door  for a loving pet owner. In the context  of windows and doors we would envisage lifestyle changes of  a individual, couple or family.  We would  help them through window and door lifestyle solutions to make the changes relating to their engagement with their world.Whether it is physical, emotional health or social windows and doors plays a big part of their lives. Studies have shown that natural light would also affect the health (physical and emotional) of human beings.  Having said this it could be to your advantage or disadvantage depending if there is too much or too little natural light.

Examples of  window and door  quality  lifestyle solutions  would be:

1,  Enjoy looking at nature surrounded by a  beautiful wooden  bay window. 2.  Spending quality time with  the family on a patio,  integrated with the rest of the  house through  stacking door. 3.  Smelling and feeling  the fresh ocean breeze while gazing through purpose  made sliding doors.   Windows and doors can be bought at a price whether it is at a perceived  bargain or expensive. The value of good quality lifestyle cannot be measured. Stewart Murdoch Window and door lifestyle consultant.