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Wooden Windows are traditional to many homes.

Wooden windows have for many years been the traditional material for  homes.Wood was also the most available material for manufacturing   windows.  The popularity of  wood have  lately diminished . This is mostly due to newest technologies and marketing strategies  favouring  material such as aluminium.

Wooden windows can be supplied with colourful glass

Arched Window Supply and installed by Bennie Burger.

Wood offers endless options.

Wood is easy to work with and therefore offer endless options in shapes  and sizes.Wood can be cut in arches, laminated  or cut into circular or triangle shapes.Wood can always be trimmed down or added. Wooden Windows can be either painted or  stained with an excellent protector such as  Woodoc.

Wooden windows can be either stained or painted

Arched wooden window painted white


When it comes to wood many other materials have been  tried to imitate the authentic look of wooden windows. Unfortunately all these materials have failed.If you own a old house, wooden windows help to keep its authenticity.

Replacing the windows with aluminium or vinyl would just not be the real deal.

Structural Strength

The organic cellulose and strong fibre inside wooden windows provide strength  that can last for many years.

It must however be emphasise that the regular maintenance would be needed.

Good insulation.

The incomparable insulation have not been amplified enough with the introduction of new more “modern” materials. Wood is arguably the best insulator of cold or heat.This  help you benefiting from comfortable home ,especially during extremely cold winter months.

Going Green

Wood are made from natural resources. This is unlike other composite products  manufactured in a factory. This mean less  harmful manufacturing  .Remember to buy wood from a reputable wood dealer.

Reputable and trusted dealers would be committed  in  buying responsibly instead off illegal logging

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