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Aluminium windows and doors:

Aluminium appear the most popular trend currently in South Africa. Aluminium doors and windows are very versatile. Aluminium doors and Windows can be choose in Different options. Windows can be supplied in Top Hung, Side hung, horizontal and also vertical sliders

  • On the long term aluminium is currently most cost effective.
  • Construction is very easy due to profiles fitting together like a puzzle thus making it very cost effective.
  • The installation is fast and relative easy.
  • Aesthetically it has a very modern pleasant appeal due to the designs.
  • Windows and doors and be custom made to effortlessly replace current old steel and wood windows.
  • Aluminium windows can also be custom to different shapes and sizes.
  • Aluminium doors and windows requires very low maintenance.

Disadvantages of aluminium:

  • Aluminium on its own is a poor insulator and are depended on the applying of good sealant and glazing requirements.